How much does it cost to become a TopherTravel client?
It does not cost anything. The goal of TopherTravel is to provide value to all of our clients. The only fees that we have are for air reservations, which range from $20 - $50 per ticket.

May I book a hotel with TopherTravel, but then arrange my own flights?
Absolutely! Clients are welcome to book as much or as little of their trips through us.

I have an American Express Platinum (or Centurion) Card. Do I have to book via AmEx to take advantage of the Fine Hotels & Resorts program?
No. You can book Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) reservations via TopherTravel. You'll still receive all of the standard amenities associated with the FHR program, plus the added service of TopherTravel.

Can I make reservations on this site?
Not at this time. Currently, reservations can only be made by contacting us.

What if I just want to check rates and am not ready to book anything?
Contact us -- we're here to help however we can.

What does the word 'Topher' mean?
It is simply an abreviation for Christopher -- the name of the founder of Topher Travel.

What's the story behind Chris?
At the age of 12, Chris Wolf stumbled across a magazine that featured a cover story on frequent flier programs and the exclusive perks given to the most frequent of travelers. That is when the addiction began. It was not until he was 19 when he finally racked up enough miles to earn elite status, and he was hooked.

Since then, Chris has spent countless hours learning about airline, hotel and car rental loyalty programs.. He has accumulated over 1,000,000 miles ('not that many', as he puts it), and has held elite status with several different airlines and hotel chains.

The attraction to the mileage game remains based upon one simple ideal -- value. This ideal has always been a primary focus for Chris and his clients.

What's the story behind Topher Travel?
Topher Travel initially focused on consulting with clients on frequent flier miles & programs. Quickly, however, Topher Travel's savvy clients sought more unique travel experiences. Today, clients continue to want high-end luxury travel experiences, and they rely on Chris to discover where they can get the best bang for the buck.

Chris and Topher Travel continue to tirelessly support their clients who demand the best from their travel experiences.